What is 305m?

In the modern world of over the road truck drivers, 305m is my personal identity, separating me from all the other trucks of an identical make,model,color, and company name. As truck 305m is what you would call a fleet truck. One of many in an extremely large fleet of Identical looking pieces of equipment. In all reality the only major difference between 305m and all the rest of otherwise identical looking trucks, is whats inside. In this case that would be me. My name is Dean, a man who in the last 29 years has logged over 3 million miles driving the highways of North America from border to boarder, sea to sea, and man have I seen some stuff.Some of that stuff will be the focus of this blog. Stuff that I believe that if I don’t talk about, well just who will? They say “you cant judge a book by its cover”, well believe me they still do it all the time, and the story of truck 305m is a classic example of that and much more.


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