Laredo and Me

 As I ponder what I hope to gain from putting my story online through this blog, I am waiting for the load to be ready that I was promised was ready at 3pm yesterday, and here it is noon the next day.  To me that’s just typical Laredo. The only difference is that this company offers no apologies for the delay, but rather they just expect you to take it in stride that they are doing all they can to take care of you. Regardless of the outcome, they stand on the conviction, that it’s not their fault.

   This isn’t my first bad experience in Laredo Texas. Once in 2006, I delivered on a Monday, and was offered a load for Tuesday that was coming up from Mexico, and just needed to clear customs. I thought sure it’s only one day, and I could use the break. Long story short, Wednesday night my load went by being carried on a Mexican truck as the US Government opened the borders for a pilot program to give Mexican companies access to American markets, using Mexican carriers. You may have seen it on the news. At that point I figured that my Laredo days were over as I bounced up to Dallas to get my next paying load.

As with anything in trucking; nothing is lasting, and nothing is a sure thing. Sure I have been back a couple times since. I just try not to make the same choices without hope that next time will be different. Even today, only after I clear the border patrol check point will I be able to relax, and decide if we are still in the black financially, and by the experience.


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