Patience is a Virtue

People are always asking me “How can you stand to drive that truck for hours on end?” My answer is always ” It’s an acquired skill called Patience”.

US Hwy 30 west of Medicine Bow, Wyoming


 As a young man I was never known for my ability to wait for anything. If I wanted something, I wanted it now or not at all. When I began to drive over the road I got tired just like anyone who was not used to traveling long distances.Especially if I wasn’t the one driving, after an hour I was ready for a nap. Thanks to having an experienced trainer and friend, Clay used to encourage me to relax and be patient.He would say, “Don’t use up all your energy, or you wont make it to where you want to go”. To this day, I have been amazed to find that theory works in many aspects of life besides driving. But driving is the subject of this blog, so we will concentrate on that application for now. In my experience, being a calm, patient person, is the only thing that keeps boredom in check. If you concentrate how you get there, the final destination will seem to come sooner than having your sights set only on reaching the end of your trip. Some call it pacing yourself, I call it focusing on the moment.

This doesn’t work only in the west. Even Chicago rush hour traffic is easier to navigate when you don’t get upset and just take it in stride. This may sound a little selfish, but the next time you are in stop and go traffic and see that old beater car next to you, take a moment to realize that you are being paid to be here, but the other guy is not. If he were, he might be driving an expensive car like you are. So just put that CB microphone down, and quit complaining. Your dispatcher knows you are trying, so don’t get stressed about it.

There’s lots of scenery in this great country of ours, and even Wyoming (the picture) has plenty of interesting things to see if you look for them. I have always liked photography, but finding that picture perfect moment is a definite boredom killer. I must have taken a thousand pictures only to get the one that I really wanted. This along side a lot of other low impact activities have helped to not only document my travels, but keep that connection to home that much stronger.

I hope to write a blog on the importance of cell phones soon, In light of recent laws being passed against them, I need to chose my words carefully. Till then be Blessed.


3 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. I am enjoying your blog postings. I think they are interesting because they let me into what you are thinking when I am not around. 🙂

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